What is crm Xpress®?

crm Xpress® is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business application that is designed to be the perfect tool to build and maintain excellent relationships with current and potential customers, increasing both productivity and efficiency.

It helps companies to contact and communicate with current and potential customers, share sales information, conduct business and keep their customers satisfied.

crm Xpress® is a web-based application for small, medium and large enterprises. It is available in SaaS or on-site versions, and is very easy to customise and tailor to the specific needs of each company

crm Xpress® in the Cloud

The web version of our CRM will allow you to work from any Internet browser used today, at any time and from anywhere in the world with a simple Internet connection!

Immediate and global availability

All you need is a computer with a browser and Internet connection, or the mobile application in your smartphone!.

Full of features and tools

From business opportunities management, integration with social networks to custom reports and more, much more!

24/7 support

You will have 24/7 support to ensure the continuity of the service, and our technical team will be at your disposal whenever you need it.
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crm Xpress® in the palm of your hand

Make your sales force more productive with our mobile application, now you will be connected all the time, maximizing productivity, generating business wherever they are and improving the level of customer satisfaction.

  • For Android and iOS devices
  • Integration with email services
  • Access control and user roles
  • Platform in continous growth and improvement

Mobility is no longer an option, it is a basic function of any business Software!

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crm Xpress®

The first CRM software with cognitive capabilities in Latin America!

Cognitive computing at your fingertips

¿What is Cognitive Computing?

Cognitive computing is the simulation of human thought processes in a computerized model. Cognitive computing involves self-learning systems that use data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to mimic the way the human brain works. The goal of cognitive computing is to create automated IT systems that are capable of solving problems without requiring human assistance.

¿Who is Watson?

Watson is a cutting-edge computer system, invented by IBM, that’s capable of analyzing our natural language. Watson made world news in when in 2011 it won the Jeopardy! Challenge by beating the best humans that had ever played the game. It opened up a new era in computing, where computers will be able to understand human language and perform complex reasoning.

Uses of Cognitive Computing

Companies can use the detailed personality portraits of individual customers for finer customer segmentation and better-quality lead generation. This data also allows them to design marketing campaigns, provide product recommendations and offer more personal and relevant customer service.

The IBM Watson services uses deep learning and linguistic analysis to extract personality profiles, values, and user needs through e-mail, text messaging, forum comments, or tweets. What in the end allows companies to offer customized products, improve the relationship with their customers and increase their commitment and personal satisfaction with the service.

crm Xpress® allows its clients to generate psychological profiles of their clients and with them, obtain important information to be able to generate better targeted campaigns and to know, in a deeper way, what their clients expect to receive from their products and services.

Personality Insights

Profile generation and ranking in IBM Watson Personality Insights is based on several studies and models in fields such as psychology, psycholinguistics and marketing:

- The Big Five personality model, a study of enormous transcendence within the field of psychology, developed by Warren T. Norman (1963) and Paul Costa (1992). It defines how a person relates to the world in terms of five great dimensions (kindness, responsibility, emotional range, openness to experiences and extraversion). - Needs, also included in IBM's personality model, define what a user expects of a product or service. - And values, the third great leg of IBM Watson Personality Insights, convey goals that guide people.

What's Behind IBM Watson Personality Insights

The IBM Watson's Personality Insights service is based on a premise accepted by fields such as psychology and marketing: using words and categorizing them can provide clues about the personality, thinking style, personal relationships, and emotional stress of a user. There are several researches that find a direct relationship between the use of some words and not others in blogs, essays, photos and tweets to discern the personality of its author.

Why crm Xpress®?

crm Xpress® is a powerful business tool that will help you take back the control of your business, increase your sells and improve your customer's satisfaction. These are some of the main features of our application:

Available modules


It allows you to collect, manage, qualify and track any candidate that has the potential of generating business.

Accounts and contacts

Efficiently manage all customers and all contacts with whom you have a business relationship. Nothing will be left at chance and you'll be able to track and follow-up everything.


You can assign tasks and track all your sales force, from calls, e-mails, meetings and even visits to customers, everything will be controlled.

Business opportunities

Manage and record all business opportunities. You can create a sales forecast and countless indicators to track and control your business.


Register and control all support requests, claims and customer complaints, use that information to provide better service and increase their satisfaction.

E-mail integration

Send and receive all messages to and from your customers without leaving the CRM. Now the customer information and follow-ups willbe better controlled and centralized.


Create, measure and track e-Marketing and outbound telephone campaigns for small call centers.


Create, distribute, measure, evaluate and analyze surveys directed towards your customer base, know immediately what your leads and customers think.

Social networks integration

Capture and interact with your customers through social networks, with the included tools you can make this integration in minutes!


Use predefined reports or create all custom reports that you need to evaluate the performance and results of your sales force.


With the powerful security features and tools of our CRM, control who can access the system, what they can see and modify. Everything is controlled and recorded in case you need it.

Many more features..

Our CRM is full of features and tools that will help you improve yourproductivity and increase the effectiveness of your entire sales force...

Versions available

We have plans for every type of needs and budgets. The first plan we have available allows our customer to create a specific plan for each user, this gives a lot of control and flexibility in terms of functions and also in your budget.


From $9.99
x user | x month
billed annually
  • From $14.99 billed monthly
  • Based on SMB plan
  • You can add any function or module that your users require
  • Pay only for what your users needs to access!
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The following are our preconfigured plans, these plans allows our customers a more straight forward implementation, as it's simpler to maintain.


x company | x month
billed annually
*Entrepreneurs must be sponsored or referred by an accelerator, incubator or other organization that supports the entrepreneurial sector


x user | x month
billed annually


x user | x month
billed annually
  • $34.99 billed monthly
  • All SMB version services
  • + Shared agenda
  • + Products and catalogues
  • + Notes, Ideas, and Cases
  • + E-mail campaigns
  • + Integration with E-mail
  • + Reports and Dashboard
  • 10,000 records
  • 15GB storage space
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x user | x month
billed annually