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Who are we?

Domino Soft was established in El Salvador in 2002. For over a decade we have been offering high quality and reliable solutions needed to build efficient, effective and scalable enterprise applications. Over the years, we have been able to attract a base of strong, enthusiastic and loyal customers but this does not put an end to our efforts for building tens of thousands of mission-critical business solutions for all sizes and types of companies. Even today we put the same passion in all our projects, as we did the first day we started operations.

In 2016, we made the decision to register the company Domino Soft LLC in the United States of America to facilitate the process of doing business in that country. For our company, the US market is extremely important, and we expect that from 2017, we can support entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises, exploiting the experience gained over 14 years of doing business in the Central American region.

In short we are:

  • A company with 14 years of experience
  • A global vision company
  • We have international certifications
  • Passion for what we do!

Why choose us?

When we say "Quality" we do not refer solely to the quality of the applications we develop, but we span the entire process of creating applications as well as the process quality control post-implementation and even the way we receive and handle any type of support request coming from our customers, the sole objective is to ensure a unique experience to each of our customers regardless the type and complexity the projects we perform.
In order to ensure a "unique experience" to each client, we ought to constantly prepare ourselves. Technology changes at a very fast pace and if we do not follow the pace, we can become outdated. All our staff is constantly undergoing training in new technologies, new design methods and application development and focused on obtaining third-party certifications transmitting greater confidence to both, our current and potential customers.
In each of our projects we include a component of self-management or customized administration, with this we try to have our customers be in control of their applications and that they decide how and when to update contents and even design elements thereof, and thus, reducing external support’s dependence, maximizing their investment and reducing support costs.
We maintain an excellence policy in everything we do, this allows us to concentrate in achieving a pleasant experience when working with each of our clients, focusing on achieving the objectives of each project in terms of quantity and quality of service. Our technical and support team maintains a high motivation degree generated by a real vocation for service, this is something that as a company, we strive to care for and empower and transmit at all times to each of our clients.
Achieving service excellence does not need to be prohibitive or unattainable, true vocation allows us to identify opportunities to generate long-term customer relationships; each project is analyzed in full, ensuring their technical and financial feasibility. Our approach is to support small and medium-sized enterprises to fully exploit technology, we understand that economic resources are scarce and consequently we try to maintain a balance between cost and benefits of each of the projects in which we are involved.
The incorporation and adoption of agile work methodologies, has allowed us to accelerate the development process of the projects in which we engaged in the first instance, but above all, they have allowed us to increase the level of customer satisfaction by reducing problems undoubtedly occurring in any project, but excluding the possibility of this involving delays or additional costs that make projects unfeasible. In short, to be agile has opened us the doors to a better work level with each of our clients as well as a significant improvement in productivity and efficiency in management of available resources in each project.

Support 24/7

We are committed to provide them the support level our customers expect to ensure service continuity of their operations.

Our technical team will be available if is required by your project. The physical distance already stopped being a drawback, now we can provide face-to face or remote support without any problem, in the case of remote support the service level increases as it could be available even at the moment required.

We make available incident report mechanisms online, this allows us to give a fast, convenient and secure support.

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We are committed to ensuring a service level adequate to the needs of our customers, therefore we are always in a constant process of updating knowledge through training and certifications, such as:

An IBM Business Partner
Certified for IBM Collaboration Solutions
Certified for IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure

Awards and Recognitions

Thanks to our constant work and team effort and leveraging the opportunities presented to us, we have had several written recognitions, among them are:

Ganador Innovatics 2014
Ganador Apps Maker 2013

Our Team

Luis Roberto Canelo Maza - Founder & CEO

A professional IT, my passion is project development, management and implementation, just as I enjoy the contact with customers, and that is why I'm studying psychology as my second career and I plan to exercise it in parallel with my current work activity.

I have 15 years of experience in managing technology projects in different fields such as telecommunications, development, management and consulting. I am working with IBM Collaboration platforms (formerly Lotus) since 1996, and my experience covers all products of this line. I am constantly studying edge technologies and assessing how to improve my skills depending on the success of all projects in which I participate.

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